We create web and mobile applications that make your business leaner and meaner...

...we integrate these applications into powerful business solutions. They transform the efficiency and productivity of organisations whose activity is spread across numerous locations.

Until recently the size and capability of mobile devices has been the main limiting factor in delivering key functionality to a remote workforce. However the rapid advances in mobile and tablet technology means there is little standing in the way of putting the full capabilities of an organisation in the hands of their frontline staff, enabling them to fully interact in real time with their office.

There are a host of cohesive tools and products that we can combine to replicate the processes your business currently employs, we hold them all in a matrix called the "Bridge Integration Framework".

This Framework covers all of your areas of operation and within it are a number of products and tools that form the foundation of your solution. Each component is fully adaptable and is completely remodelled to meet your requirements rather than you having to accommodate any limitations from a pre-existing product, ensuring the elements will match your needs and enhance your business operation.

If we discover specific tasks or operations your business has that currently don't feature in our framework – you can be confident that we'll develop them for you and they will become a seamless part of the solution.

Sectors that will benefit

  • Construction/Utilities
  • Facilities Management
  • Property Services
  • Environment/Ecology
  • Business Equipment
  • Food and Beverages
  • Healthcare
  • Rental and Leasing
  • Security and Protection

2 Discover

Discover the possibilities of an integrated solution

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Benefits of GPS

Benefits of sending imagery

Benefits of real time inventory

Benefits of instant information distribution

Benefits of receiving imagery/audio/video

3 Benefits

The benefits of working with a web and mobile solution

Sell More…
Do More…
… And Grow

Sell More…

After applying an integrated solution across the business, you will have a massive advantage, not least over your competitors. Not only will you have far greater control of your costs and resources than they have, you will also have a far greater level of contact and communication with your whole workforce.

This "awareness" of the current situation enables you to respond and work with your customers in a way that they will appreciate and your competitors envy.

Do More…

One of the first things you will notice is how much quicker and more flexible your activity is. Those who rely on their workforce attending client locations each day will now have the capability to manage, monitor and most importantly plan in near real-time rather than wait for end of day reports or even worse, evening uploads of progress from home.

From simple input/entry to retrieving and depositing complex data, processes become seamless – people can effectively and efficiently do more within their day with less pressure, less mistakes and greater  focus.

… And Grow

Delivering your operations via this mobile/web platform puts your business on a different footing; not only is it a much more productive organisation with the same resources but one that can easily and confidently expand and take on more very economically.

The application underpins all the processes involved, so existing staff can be migrated to a new contract and give an immediate sense of experience and expertise, while new employees learn a single system and can rapidly provide the same high levels of service.

4 Bridge

Using the Bridge Integration Framework to match your activities

Every business is different, the way tasks and processes are addressed may vary but the commercial reasons behind them are almost always the same and that’s the start point with our Framework.

Identifying the specific needs of your business

First we need to recognise the elements that would benefit your workforce when they are on site, which might mean out in the field, visiting clients, or simply on one or more of your own locations where they are constantly on the move during the course of their day.

We then plot what they need from head office to support them and what head office needs from them to ensure all the related operational activities can be completed.

This detail forms the basis of our planning, timings and costing, allowing us to produce a comprehensive project plan that drives everything from concept through to the build, testing and implementation.

We will continue to work with you while everything beds in and you are satisfied that the application is working as you wanted. We are of course very happy to remain involved and provide ongoing maintenance and modifications.

All systems also need a level of further development, technology changes, your needs change and so do those of your clients. As new clients come on board they may have additional requirements that you need assistance with in order for your application to successfully accommodate them.

Explore the diagram below to see all the features an integrated solution can bring to each area of your business

  • Daily Task Assignments
  • Job/Task Details
  • Client Details
  • Job Location
  • Workforce Location
  • Navigation
  • Wi-Fi
  • Internet
  • Quality Control
  • Proof of Completion
  • Manner of Execution
  • Health & Safety
  • Materials/Timings & Time Attendance
  • Progress/Updates
  • Unplanned/Emergency Tasks
  • Stock Management
  • Item/Location
  • Personnel Identification
  • Item History/ Testing & Maintenance
  • Pre-defined Formulas
  • Estimating Time & Materials
  • HR Contract/Training/Appraisals
  • Time & Attendance
  • Task Skills/Qualifications
  • Purchasing & Billing
  • Stock Management/Control
  • Job/Task Details& History
  • Appointments & Meetings
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Job/Task Planning
  • Geo-Location
  • Delivery & Distribution
  • Transport/Equipment
  • Maintenance & Testing Schedules
  • Training/Appraisal Schedules
  • SMS, MMS & Emails
  • Pre-emptive Notifications
  • Courtesy Reminders for due Maintenance/Testing Dates
  • Confirmations (Purchasing)
  • Alerts & Warnings
  • Estimating Time & Materials
  • Product/Materials Prices/Catalogues
  • Sales/Profit & Loss/Projections
  • Productivity/Efficiency
  • Exception Reporting
  • Image/Audio/Video
5 Mobile

Consumer focused mobile applications are as important to us as they are to you

For us, business really is all about developing smart, successful applications and while we specialise in connecting mobile
and web into a complete business solution, we are just as happy to apply our skills to either discipline.

Consumer markets are becoming key

We are also very active in the "Consumer Focused" applications sector. Fast becoming essential in the sales and marketing toolbox, organisations are using them for a variety of reasons such as market testing, product launches, brand and relationship building, plus of course as a new sales channel.

Some of the most rapid innovation happens in this area of the market, each project nearly always requires new ideas and development. Meeting such challenges is also good for our business applications as we often export our discoveries into that work.

We are comfortable working with clients who have recognised a need for an app but have no preconceived ideas, or those who have clearly identified their idea and have already done a great deal of work on the approach – either way the objective is to create outstanding, commercially focused work.

  • Consumer markets
  • Your mobile application
  • Twice the opportunity
  • Bespoke applications
6 Web

And not forgetting our original strengths in web development

We have spent the last five years delivering projects as simple as high end brochure websites through to ecommerce solutions and the most complex job management systems all to the same exacting standards. So even if you have not got remote workers or a requirement for a mobile application we can still help you make your business more effective via a bespoke web based solution.