We create web and mobile applications that make your business leaner and meaner...

...we integrate these applications into powerful business solutions. They transform the efficiency and productivity of organisations whose activity is spread across numerous locations.

Until recently the size and capability of mobile devices has been the main limiting factor in delivering key functionality to a remote workforce. However the rapid advances in mobile and tablet technology means there is little standing in the way of putting the full capabilities of an organisation in the hands of their frontline staff, enabling them to fully interact in real time with their office.

There are a host of cohesive tools and products that we can combine to replicate the processes your business currently employs, we hold them all in a matrix called the "Bridge Integration Framework".

This Framework covers all of your areas of operation and within it are a number of products and tools that form the foundation of your solution. Each component is fully adaptable and is completely remodelled to meet your requirements rather than you having to accommodate any limitations from a pre-existing product, ensuring the elements will match your needs and enhance your business operation.

If we discover specific tasks or operations your business has that currently don't feature in our framework – you can be confident that we'll develop them for you and they will become a seamless part of the solution.

Sectors that will benefit

  • Construction/Utilities
  • Facilities Management
  • Property Services
  • Environment/Ecology
  • Business Equipment
  • Food and Beverages
  • Healthcare
  • Rental and Leasing
  • Security and Protection