Using the Bridge Integration Framework to match your activities

Every business is different, the way tasks and processes are addressed may vary but the commercial reasons behind them are almost always the same and that’s the start point with our Framework.

Identifying the specific needs of your business

First we need to recognise the elements that would benefit your workforce when they are on site, which might mean out in the field, visiting clients, or simply on one or more of your own locations where they are constantly on the move during the course of their day.

We then plot what they need from head office to support them and what head office needs from them to ensure all the related operational activities can be completed.

This detail forms the basis of our planning, timings and costing, allowing us to produce a comprehensive project plan that drives everything from concept through to the build, testing and implementation.

We will continue to work with you while everything beds in and you are satisfied that the application is working as you wanted. We are of course very happy to remain involved and provide ongoing maintenance and modifications.

All systems also need a level of further development, technology changes, your needs change and so do those of your clients. As new clients come on board they may have additional requirements that you need assistance with in order for your application to successfully accommodate them.