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Benefits of GPS

Workforce automatically send GPS Data from their mobile devices

Making Field Supervisors constantly aware of the location and availability of their teams

HR obtain immediate information on time and attendance of remote workforce

Planning know when they are onsite, when they leave and are en route to the next task

Benefits of real time inventory

During remote activity, operatives are able to instantly order any non-standard parts and materials while still on site

On being notified, Finance/Procurement can immediately order what's required and establish a delivery date

On receiving a delivery date for the new parts, Planning can immediately rebook the task, often while the operative is still on site

When a task is completed, all standard materials used are notified to Administration as taken from inventory

Benefits of sending imagery

Processes can include specific visual reference to be uploaded at key points of the task

Enabling Field Supervisors to make initial visual appraisals of work from a completely different location

Giving HR/H&S visual reference of correct adherence to site safely and work procedures and PPE

Finance are automatically made aware of the completed work and can process it for billing

Planning are aware of task progression/completion and can schedule resources effectively in real time

Benefits of instant information distribution

Planning/Scheduling are able to 'push' many types of key information out to the field based workforce in real time, making them more responsive and productive

Supervisors can be regularly updated on individual teams progress/issues and so make informed decisions as to whether to visit a site

Changes to the daily schedule can be easily notified in full to the workforce, re-planned with the knowledge of both their current location and progress

Work teams can be given daily schedules and customer details directly, enabling them to plan their day and travel straight to their tasks

Additional requirements while on a site visit along with any appropriate information can swiftly be passed on to the workforce, utilising their time far more effectively

Emergency situations can be addressed rapidly through redirecting the nearest relevant team to the situation

Details of customer issues can be quickly highlighted to senior field staff, allowing them to respond directly to the situation armed with all the information required

Benefits of receiving imagery/audio/video

Management and technical departments can supply specific support on request to aid their onsite work force who have encountered unexpected issues

Where appropriate, video demonstrations of the execution of an unknown procedure can be provided (often these can be sourced from manufacturers)

Technical diagrams and plans can be uploaded to assist in everything from installation to onsite location

In some instances where it is impractical or impossible to view material while executing a task, pre-recorded audio commentary can be provided as assistance