Consumer focused mobile applications are as important to us as they are to you

For us, business really is all about developing smart, successful applications and while we specialise in connecting mobile and web into a complete business solution, we are just as happy to apply our skills to either discipline.

Consumer markets are becoming key

We are also very active in the "Consumer Focused" applications sector. Fast becoming essential in the sales and marketing toolbox, organisations are using them for a variety of reasons such as market testing, product launches, brand and relationship building, plus of course as a new sales channel.

Some of the most rapid innovation happens in this area of the market, each project nearly always requires new ideas and development. Meeting such challenges is also good for our business applications as we often export our discoveries into that work.

We are comfortable working with clients who have recognised a need for an app but have no preconceived ideas, or those who have clearly identified their idea and have already done a great deal of work on the approach – either way the objective is to create outstanding, commercially focused work.

Your very own mobile application but at a fraction of the normal cost

We are working with more and more independent businesses, sometimes small chains but often successful single outlets covering retail, food and drink, entertainment and specialist services. They fully grasp the benefits of having a mobile application but until now, mainly due to cost and finding a suitable partner to work with, have struggled to do anything to progress this area of their business.

Things changed for these companies when we launched our service that makes the idea very affordable through "cost sharing". A very simple proposition, we find a number of like minded (but not necessarily similar types) of companies who want a mobile application. As most of the functionality is common it can be developed once and the cost shared, providing the majority of an app for a fraction of the price. This leaves only a small amount of personalisation for each company reducing the total cost considerably.

With the huge increase in awareness around the commercial use of mobile applications, finding similarly interested parties really doesn't take long and production can progress rapidly with an application being ready in as little as three weeks (including approval by Apple).

Twice the opportunity, twice the value for money

Building a mobile application for iPhone and then for Android requires almost twice the time and effort as each is developed in a different programming language (objective-c and Java), so in effect double the cost. This puts the possibility of being able to reach the majority of the smartphone market even further out of the reach of many businesses.

The huge additional bonus with our approach and "cost sharing" offer is that while our fees to build an application for one platform are already a fraction of the costs, if you want both platforms, we will build the other version completely free!

Even bespoke applications can be built on common foundations

Some situations demand a higher level of functionality that cannot easily be shared across clients or there is a need for personalisation that can only be found outside of our current frameworks capabilities.

For these projects we would use the framework as a foundation meaning that you still benefit from the cost sharing, allowing the majority of the budget to be concentrated on creating the bespoke elements. This becomes a very cost effective way of developing a highly bespoke application.